EZ AuctioNet is an eBay drop off store and more! Trained individuals staff the retail location, overseen by a licensed auctioneer. Why a licensed auctioneer? Original Maine law required people who sold other's possessions on eBay to hold a valid auctioneer's license. However, in June 2005, additional legislation passes, lifting this restriction. Held to higher state and federal standard, licensed auctioneers provide additional knowledge, experience, and peace of mind. A few of the requirements include:
  • Answering to a state board for any grievances
  • Carrying a $10,000 surety bond
  • A fiduciary responsibility to the seller to get an appropriate amount at auction
  • A legal responsibility to the buyer to provide accurate descriptions and representation of products
  • A quick and easy recourse should problems arise via the state board
  • Standards higher than those set by eBay
  • Trusted professionals with years of experience