EZ AuctioNet is owned and operated by licensed Maine auctioneer, Marita S. Beck, #AUC 1430. Family and friends assist me as I endeavor to launch a new business. After working in sales for twenty years, I wanted a job that required less travel and more home time. I love to write. What better career than writing ads for my own eBay business?

Strict laws govern Maine. Until June of 2005 an auctioneer's license was required to sell other people's property on eBay. I studied the laws and regulations; paid the fees; sat for; and passed the licensing exam. My About Me page includes a link to the regulations governing auctioneers in case you are interested. I am also required to carry a $10,000 surety bond ensuring trustworthy transactions. Please bid with confidence. Thank you for looking, and God Bless!