More and more unique, odd, and discontinued items make their way to the eBay auction block daily. As large retailers liquidate their obsolete inventory, small eBay sellers scoop it up and market it on eBay. From parts for copiers to the carousel horse that completes your collection, EZ AuctioNet finds and purchases it for you. For a small free, EZ AUctioNet searches eBay daily for that special something. You provide us with a description, all of the specific features(model #, year made, etc...) and the price you want to pay. Every day EZ AuctioNet scours eBay for you. Once we find the item that meets your requirements, we either email the listing to you, call you, or purchase it - whatever you want us to do, as indicated on your initial request.

For direct purchases, we require a deposit or a purchase order. A small processing fee applies once we complete the transaction. We provide the convenience of the eBay marketplace without the hassle of registering on eBay and compromising your personal and financial information.